Destiny 2 Teases Next Steps

Bungie has been extremely close-lipped regarding the most current period of Destiny 2, booked to start one week from now. Past seasons have had clear names talked about weeks or months ahead of time, however this current summer’s season has reliably been titled Season of the [Redacted]. Likewise, the engineers have been progressively prodding various separate story strings for quite a while, including the looming appearance of the pyramid ships alluded to in before portions of the game, the Drifter’s convoluted devotions, and the present danger of a goliath Cabal transport plunging toward mankind’s last city.

While we don’t have the foggiest idea yet on the off chance that every one of those (and other) strings are at long last reaching a crucial stage, we do now realize that Bungie plans to keep down declarations until the very day of the new season. Period of the [REDACTED] is booked to dispatch on June 9, and another mystery, first surfacing on the game’s legitimate Twitter, proposes that the fate of Destiny 2 will be uncovered on the morning of June 9, at 9am Pacific.

Check out the brief trailer on Destiny’s official Twitter feed, which seems to show the Drifter piloting toward a particularly icy moon.

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